Cats with bandanas…

I really love this crazy cat fabric bought from Sweet Ginger Emporium!  So much, I’ve now reupholstered two chairs with it and also made a sweet little  bag that you can see and read about here.  The chair shown is painted with Giverny, one of the recently introduced Annie Sloan chalk paint shades.  Instead of the clear wax, I used the white wax which gives it a really nice ‘bleached’ finish.  This wax is great for showing up detailing in wood such as on the back bar of this chair.  I really intended to sell this chair but now it’s finished, I don’t want to let it go ☺️

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  1. I have already commented on your cute bag and now find myself writing another comment as your pieces are all so special and individual! You really do have a gift for ‘up cycling’. You should be featured in a magazine like Good Housekeeping or Coast! Love it all!!

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