Garden Room Progress

So now the fun begins with decorating the Garden Room.  The skirting boards have been fitted now so it’s nearly time for painting.  I love planning a painting project; sometimes it takes a while to decide but for this room, I can already picture the finished result in my head.  Although the plot in the far corner of the garden is ideal, the one drawback that couldn’t be avoided is the lack of natural light that it will get.  To keep it is bright as possible inside it’s going to be all white, except for a bit of contrast colour around the windows and the ceiling beams.  The splashes of colour to give the room some personality will come from the furnishings.  By doing this, the look of the room can change according to the seasons.  I’ve got a few things to paint and upcycle that are going to be perfect for this room – I need to get started 😀

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