My first spray paint project

I’ve always loved the look of a hammock.  Ideally, hammocks should be secured to two trees for the best effect but that’s never been possible for me.  There are some lovely large sycamores in the garden but they’re just not in the right place to hold a hammock 😬  A hammock frame is the only way forward here so imagine my delight when I spyed one being left at the local tip! It was in pretty good condition and, very importantly, it was in five pieces meaning it could be stored under cover in the winter.  But the green metal frame definitely needed a new look.  I was initially thinking to use chalk paint but then after a bit of online investigation, spray paint seemed to be the best option.  This was a real quick upcycle – first, two small patches of rust were treated with Rustoleum rust remover.    The five pieces that make up the frame were first sprayed with spray metal primer. I was scratching my head, thinking of a way to suspend the poles to spray them 🤔  The solution?  Push three bamboo poles, close together, into the ground, then feed the metal pole onto them for painting – simple, but effective ☺️  Once completely dry I applied two thin coats of Rustoleum’s spray metal paint.  There are some great colours to choose from but I settled for a really vibrant blue to match the blue in the new fabric hammock I ordered online last week.  I’m really pleased with how the hammock looks now – it’s going to get plenty of use this summer!!  If you haven’t used spray paint before, give it a go. It’s pretty cheap and can be used to give something a new lease of life.

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