Pallet Love

Don’t you just love pallets? No?  Well you really should do!! First, they’re usually free for the asking, and second, you can just do so much with them, both inside your house and out.  Last summer I did this patio sofa and table and I’m really pleased with it.  It’s turned a previously unused area into a really cool place to chill at the end of the day.  For those of you that are ‘pallet newbies’, they do come in quite a few different sizes so if you’re doing a project that requires more than one, just bear this in mind when you choose them.  I tend to stick with euro pallets which are 1200mm x 800mm.  The sofa I made took nine euro pallets plus another half pallet was used to finish off the sofa back (not seen in this photo).  The table is just two pallets stacked.  Upholstery foam is quite expensive, so I used foam from sofa cushions found at the local tip.  A sofa like this can be made in any size to suit your garden and you get to be creative in your choice of colour for the wood and the material for the cushions!  I’m sure that something this size would cost several hundred pounds from the local garden centre.  It’s more fun to have something a bit more unique 😀  For more pallet inspiration, check out Pinterest – there are literally hundreds of ideas!!

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